Universal Dance Company opened its doors in 2014 and has continued to grow and flourish since then. We are passionate about each student's individual journey and how we can assist in getting them to their destination. We know that the majority of our students call Universal their second home, so we have a responsibility to not only provide an establishment with all the necessary parts to nurture them as a dancer, but to also raise decent, well rounded, compassionate and resilient human beings. Universal is a place where students from 2 years old all the way through to young adults are challenged to push their boundaries, learn something new, know it's ok if they don't get it the first time - but to consistently try and try again. Having a growth mindset as a dancer is vital, and we all know that this skill is necessary in life in general. How exciting is it to see the pure joy in a student's face when they get that step for the first time! They have grown, they have accomplished and they know the power of persistence. This is where it all begins...   

You have constantly inspired me from day one to be the best dancer and person I can be. Honestly, I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for you, your help and hard work. Thank-you no matter what for pushing me to work hard and believing in me. I have never met anyone so dedicated, hardworking and committed to what they do! I appreciate everything you do not only for me, but everyone around you! I, along with many others, admire you as you inspire each one of us to follow our dreams.
- Caity Armstrong, Universal Student & Teacher

I wish nothing more than to inspire my students to truly love and appreciate dance and what it can do for the soul. To take them further, push them harder and help them to make their dreams a reality. Witnessing a student experience the smallest of breakthroughs or watching them perform in a professional production and lighting up the stage brings me pure joy. Dance is so much more than classes; it’s belonging, it’s dedication – it’s family. In my past 32 years as a dancer and 20+ years as a teacher and performer I can undoubtedly say that my closest and dearest friends are my dancing ones. We have been through life’s obstacles together, encouraged and supported one another and shared our dreams and passions together – and those relationships are so special and ones that I’ll hold close and cherish forever.

Imagine if there was a place where your child could achieve all of this and more? A place where they were valued, inspired to dream bigger and reach further, where they can make real and long lasting friendships and communicate with like-minded people – just like them? I think you may have found it!

I’m so lucky. I found my love of dance at the tender age of 3. There has never been a moment in my life that I can recall, where dance wasn’t there. It’s embedded inside of me, it’s part of me, it’s my outlet and my expression. This passion, this love of the performing arts, is why I do what I do. My job is the best job in the world!

from our principAL



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