Bronwyn Dunks

Bronwyn Dunks – R.A.D Classical Ballet (R.A.D Teacher Certification – Fully Registered)

Bronwyn has been teaching dance (predominantly ballet) for over 30 years.  She has taught at dance schools across Brisbane and London. She learnt ballet from Mary Heath at the Queensland Ballet School; is a qualified RAD and CSTD teacher and has studied a Graduate Diploma in Education and BA in Psychology. She has performed in a number of local shows including “West Side Story”.
Bronwyn is passionate about teaching classical ballet to a high standard. Ballet is perhaps the hardest form of dance for students to master and as a result, she has a detailed and disciplined approach to teaching ballet and she enjoys seeing students improve throughout their Ballet journey.  Bronwyn is passionate about teaching young children in a nurturing, disciplined and fun way.  She feels it is important that children master the fundamentals in the younger grades which then paves the way for future success.
Bronwyn is an experienced senior ballet teacher. She is focused on getting the biomechanics of classical technique correct for all students regardless of their standard. She has high expectations coupled with a strong belief in all students to rise to the level of their ability; safely and with respect to them as people.
Bronwyn has a wealth of experience choreographing for eisteddfods and concerts and students really enjoy dancing in her routines and a number of routines have gained great results at various eisteddfods.
Bronwyn is looking forward to the continued improvement in students’ technical and artistic abilities in Ballet at Universal during 2021.

Miss Bronwyn, thank you for igniting a love of ballet in Grace. She has really enjoyed your classes this year and is a big fan and so am I of all your hard work. - Clare Moore, Universal Parent