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I was quite curious to think what a person (who doesn’t have a dance background) would believe is the ‘best’ age to start dance classes for their child. So I googled it…. and to my surprise, Google’s most popular answer was between the ages of 7-9 years old [insert all dance teacher’s SHOCK horror!] I […]

The BEST time to start dance

One of the beautiful Mum’s from the studio reminded me of this email I sent when my Arielle was heading off to Prep. This information is so relevant to you, because I know that some of you are now going through the same thing I did only two years ago… The last thing we want to […]

Is your little one going to prep? Why dancing is SO important NOW!

On a piece of paper (this is your rough outline first) timetable in ALL of the NON-NEGOTIABLE activities you do on a daily basis. These are things that CANNOT move and will be there for your foreseeable future. For example: Monday 8:30-3:00pm School 4:00-6:00pm Dancing Tuesday 7:00-8:00am Band Practice 8:30-3:00pm School Wednesday 8:30-3:00pm School 3:00-4:00pm […]

Time Management – for teens who do more than most! PART III

It takes a certain kind of person to go on this journey. Someone who is committed to excelling in every aspect of their life and has that drive and passion. This is something that can’t be taught – it’s embedded inside of us. And most dancers have this. Especially if you are still dancing at […]

Time Management – for teens who do more than most! PART II

Dear Teen, This topic would be by far the most important thing you learn that will, quite certainly, set you up for life. There are some fundamental principles that we will discuss that are transferable in whatever lifestyle you choose or wherever you find yourself over the coming years. But right now is crucial – […]

Time Management – for teens who do more than most! PART I

STUDENT FEATURE – Meet Elleigh! Elleigh began her journey at UDC less than 2 years ago and in that time she has blossomed into a confident little performer with her eyes set on the horizon. Let’s see what she has to say about her experience at Universal.   Name: Elleigh Age: 5 Classes at UDC: […]

“I have seen her confidence grow”

Raising children is hard. We all know this. There’s no handbook to tell us exactly what we should do and when – because every child, every parent, every circumstance and every situation is different right? YES! There are no exact right and wrongs when it comes to this art and parents all over the world […]

Where’s your Village?